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Thanks to what hifi

I really have to thank you all for your opinions and reviews. Its very difficult if not impossible to demo all the interesting options in Mexico because where I’m from there is not one shop with all the brands. This is the problem…… where you can buy MA they sell Rotel, where you can buy NAD they sell B@W and KEF so its really difficult to compare. The worst is that the seller gets money from selling one brand and not the other so you can hear something like……the best brand in the world is bose if you are looking for HIFI..……NAD?? Never heard from it……the best match for B@W is Harmman kardom (A RECIEVER!!!!) etc….. So in conclusion thanks to your reviews and comments I was able to get a more realistic opinion and then I demo them. I finally got Home Theater: Denon AVR1910 with MA center channer, BR2 front and rear and Velodyne DLS-4000R (I think is not for sale in the UK) and a sony BR and TV HiFi: NAD c515, NAD c315 and MA BR2 with self made speaker stands (cant get originals in Mexico)

Thanks Again