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System upgrade advice

Hi All, I would very much appreciate any advice on upgrading my home cinema with regards to the sound aspect. I have a Panasoinc 37" plasma screen, a Denon 1930, a PS3, a Panasonic DVD/HD recorder, my speakers are the original KEF eggs and my amp is a Yamaha (not sure of the model). I was thinking of spending about £500-£1,000 on upgrading the sound system but am not sure whether to upgrade the speakers or amp or both. Which would have more impact? Any ideas anyone may have would be great. Cheers for now.

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Re: System upgrade advice

 Hi there,

Are you wedded to the idea of small, 'style' speakers like the eggs, or would you consider more traditional-looking boxes?

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Re: System upgrade advice

Answer to that really depends on what your amp is, but I'd suggest the much-vaunted Onkyo TX-SR605 would be a good starting point for some auditioning. It'll bring out the best in your 'eggs', and still leave you £600 to play with should you feel the need to upgrade the speakers.

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Re: System upgrade advice

Hi Clare, I'm too worried about style speakers but I wouldn't want anything too intrusive. It took quite a lot of negotiation with my wife to get what I've got. Which speakers did you have in mind? i did look at the Q Acoustics 1010s and they were impressive.

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Re: System upgrade advice

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your advice the Onkyo does seem like a good option to me, and I like the idea of upgrading in steps. Thanks a lot.

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