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System update

After moving to an area with another cable than the dreaded UPC in Amsterdam we decided to upgrade our system last week. It's still only stereo. I really don't like having 6 speakers in the room.

Existing kit:

- Denon DRA-1000 stereo receiver (now 12 years old and we still like the sound)

- Infinity Overture 1 speakers

- Apple Airport Express

- Cambridge Audio DAC Magic


New kit:

- Sony KDL40HX750 (very similar to the UK 753 model) with a box of 3 3D glasses

- Sony BDP-S 590

- Humax iHDR 5200c (great box for recording cable TV in NL with all providers except the morons of UPC)


Connected to the receiver is my mum's old record player, a Dual CS 1249 with a Grado Prestige Gold cartridge. I have inherited a couple of hundred classical LP's from the 1960's and later, so it's worth hooking up the record player.

Next upgrade will be a decent rack. I'm thinking of buying an Atacama Eris Eco 5.0. It looks great and apparently sounds great too.

When everything is set up I will post pictures.

The TV is stunning and the connectivity is great with all the internet apps. I specifically wanted a Sony BD player because I have a number of SACDs.

3D TV is still a bit gimmicky but we watched the closing ceremony of the Olympics on the BBC HD channel and that was very impressive. Not sure about having the glasses on for a longer period.


Pro-Ject 1Xperience Comfort (OM 2Red), Yahama R-N602, Sony UHP-H1, Sony TV, Humax DVR, Infinity Overture 1 speakers. Range from very cheap to expensive cables.