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Surround handling music.

Hello there, I have a most modest setup for home cinema. My 'proper' stereo being relegated to the bedroom to keep it away from the prying fingers of my child. My most enormous speakers, a pair of Celestions installed into a larger box, constructed into a 12' folded tube, are at their most forlorn in my garage, as they don't fit anywhere else.

I have a Sony 710 DVD recorder, which is still faithfully giving the best, although, with my new plasma (Panasonic 37), it gets a bit confused with the signal it recieves, so we occasionally get long, thin people or short, stubby ones. All that I have tried does no good, so we just have to change the aspect. (How hard can having to press a button be?) Between this and my Q acoustic 7.1 speakers, the point one being a much better MJ acoustics sub; is another Sony, the 1200ES. All of these were award winners and they go together really well. An HDMI socket from the DVD would be great, but mustn't grumble, a component lead is plenty good enough for the time being. 

On the point of music, which is where this all started, the Sony 1200 programmers get it all wrong! The speaker settings that you have painstakingly set to give the best for film, don't change when you select another input - like music from your CD player!  Bad show Sony san. This means that you never have a true stereo sound(ing) set of speakers, which when you set them up for music, sound really quite respectable. They'll never give your stomach (or the neighbours) the pounding of the Celestions, but, now that I hardly have time to myself, never mind being able to listen to it loud, but they give it good. What an obvious miss. Do Sony, or anyone else for that matter, really think that the vocal and background directional fields within a movie soundtrack is what Dave Brubeck, Beck or the Prodigy had in mind? NO. I sincerely hope that someone else out there can tell me that THEIR surround amp can have a different speaker setting for every type of input. Even if the manufacturer simply cuts off the centre speaker. I shall read all else in the meantime. (as well as putting my boy to bed and writing out my daily paperwork and cooking my dinner and drinking wine and washing clothes etc. etc.)