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SoundProofing... anyone?!

OK... simply... my partner and I have recently bought a new two floor house and is mid-terrace, even thought we tried hard for an end-terrace.

Anyway, to the point, we've been saving hard to get a new system in the house, from state-of-the-art PC (which I'll be building) and a new home cinema. You can probably see from my current kit-profile where we are and should know it'll be a budget of around £5000-ish... but slowly looking too small now, as we really feel we need to sound proof the living room/entertainment area.

Never seen any of this stuff/subject talked about for the MANY years I have been reading What-HiFi except to choose your listening times carefully. Well, we don’t want to and prefer taking it a step further to keep our neighbours happy and us free to listen and entertain ourselves whenever we choose!

We’re both surprised that no-one really speaks about this important factor, as we all get something KooL, powerful and fun, but limit our usage, not by our own fault, but with the HUGE paper-like London houses we have to put up with!

The system we're planning, would be used from games, movies, film editing, music (2 to 6 channels) and of course, big parties. For what we have currently, has done the job pretty dam well and for many years too. Times, as they do, have changed and we need to update hugely and soon, as lots of kit is starting to fail and do strange things.

I NOT a person to do it half-arsed ever, so happy to either do some now and the rest in the very near future, it kills the budget, such as... sound proofing really well now and save to get the kit we want in a few months.

The kit we're thinking of purchasing is becoming a long story, but will probably go with whatever Denon come up with in there new flagship range or possible Onkyo (of course). The rest is also still to be decided, such as PMC or Tannoy speakers, cabling and the source, which will mostly be done by the PC located in another room and network-media streamed.

Anywho... back to the story... we need help with Sound proofing... like who's good, who can you recommend, who can give us a good price (or course) and what's KooL and new these days to get the job done well and not too costly.

The room is around 8x3m with a bay window, 3 door ways and everything except the floor will need noise blocking of some kind. My other thoughts (which may only be helped by a sound proofing pro) are can the sound proofing panels be painted, can shelving be fitted to them (good, strong ones!), can they be removed without destroying the walls in many years to come, should we need to remove them and finally, do we really need to loose a lot of area to get better results?

Thanks to whoever is reading all this late night typing frenzy and more so, to those who reply/help!

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