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Some technical questions


I am new to this forum and after searching a while in the forum I still have a few questions left.

I currently own a Yamaha RX-V450 receiver (which is quite old but still does the job for what I need, as I have no blue ray player yet). I have the canton movie 25-XL as a speaker set-up.

My room is quite big 10m by 6m with the TV placed in the middle against a little wall (thus TV setup not to change). The front speakers are placed about 5m after the TV (as there was a predefined cooenction made there through the wall) but which is not an ideal setup. I would now like to add another pair of front speakers to place directly beside the TV which I can use to watch movies and then swith to the other fron speakers in the back if I want to listen to music (this can be done through the channel A/B switch)

I read something about the impedance and the output of the AV receiver should be matching the total impedance of the speakers but I do not really understand.

Specs of the Yamaha receiver are: Minimum RMS output power 20hZ - 20 KhZ, 8 Ohm) - Front, center, speaker, surround 8 watt.The canton speakers have a recommended maximum power handling of 100Watt and an impedance of 4-8 Ohm. The subwoofer has a maximum power output of 150 Watt.

1. Should the power of the receiver be higher than the power output of the speakers or vice versa ?

2. How do I interpret "matching impedance" between speakers and AV receiver ? 

3. Can I connect two more frontspeakers on this AV receiver ? If so what power output and impedance can they have ?

I am also thinking of replacing gradually my system. One of the first things to replace would be the subwoofer as it is very big.

4. I am looking at the Wharfedale Diamond SW150 as a subwoofer now. Any thoughts ? I intend to buy new front speakers next year or so. Which speakers match will with this SW ?

5. Is it wise to combine different brands for speakers, receivers and subwoofers or better to take a complete package such as the Q Acoustics series 1010i 5.1 or Q Acoustics 2000 series ? Should front and rear speakers of the same brand ? Centerspeaker and front speaker ? I understand that it is better to have the center speaker and the front speakers should be of the same brand and even the same series but that subwoofer and rear speakers can be of a different brand. Is that correct ?

6. I and when starting to replace the system by a combination of brands (I really need to change the subwoofer first) where would I start ?   AV receiver, speakers , ... ?