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i need some help. i'm trying to upload some photos of my system. my profile shows that the function is not "enabled" and i need to contact my administrator, i've searched the site but can't find a way to do that, anybody able toguide me in the right direction here?

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Re: photos

Check this: http://whathifi.co.uk/forums/t/84031.aspx

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Re: photos

1. search "flickr" using Google / Yahoo

2. sign in your account

3. upload picture from file

4. After those pictures uploaded successfully, right click on tha picture (inside flickr screen), click "properties"

5. Highlight and copy URL

6. In this forum, click tha "little green tree picture" on message bar

7. paste the copied URL

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Re: photos

thanks guys, i was trying to upload photos using the file attachmnet tab on the message, that's where i got blocked. will be download photos soonest.

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