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Phono stage

I am currently feeding my Technics SL 1210 with Ortofon OM20 cartridge through a Tapco (Mackie) Blend 6 mixing desk and then into NAD C 355BEE Integrated Amp (doesn't have a phono stage), Speakers are Mordaunt Short 206 Floor standers... I also have a Project Genie MK2 turntable going through the same system as well as an old Phillips CD 723. My question is will I radically improve the sound if I substitute the Tapco Mackie with a stand alone phono stage?.. I'm looking at amongst other things Project Phono Box 2 USB or Cambridge Audio 640p or perhaps NAD PP1... Many thanks.


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RE: Phono stage


Are you connecting the deck into one of the guitar inputs? This will act as a pre-amp, but won't give the necessary RIAA equalisation (google it if you're not sure what this means), so I'd say yes, a 'proper' phono stage will offer an improvement.

Does it sound a bit bright at the moment? One of the effects of the RIAA equalisation in a phono stage will be to change the apparent sound balance - hopefully for the better!

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