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Old stereo setup and slowly upgrading home cinema

My old stereo setup is as follows

Marantz PM57 amp;

Marantz CD67 Mk.II CD Player;

Marantz ST48 tuner (I chose a Marantz tuner for the shared remote control - I was just lucky in getting a good tuner too);

Aiwa AD-F460 Cassette deck;

Tannoy M1 speakers.

Marantz TT15 turntable (semi-auto) - this replaced a Pro-ject 1.2 because I got annoyed with myself for never playing vinyl - that lifting off the platter business just got to be too much. However, this tt does have a Rega cartridge, installed and aligned by myself, and it sounds just lovely. Smile

Pioneer Surround amp (I forget the model - VSX-C301 I think - one of the scart switching jobbies - still doing scart switching, but not surround any more due to speakers being used elsewhere).

The only major upgrades over the years have been cable upgrades. I think almost all the interconnects are QED, though I'm sure there's an Ixos in there somewhere.

I have to say I'm still cheered up when I listen to this little lot. The sound was always very warm and inviting, and now feels like it's part of the furniture - only in an auditary way - if that makes sense? Kinda like a comfy old armchair.

As you can see, this setup is getting on a little bit (it's now touching ten years old), but it's only a bedroom system, so anything more glamorous would likely be wasted. A stint of decorating next month and a bit of a move round might change my plans a little though...


The living room gear is now going through an upgrade. Previously it was just DVD/VCR/mini-system. The mini-system (now over 12 years old) has taken to losing drive belts, so I've taken it upon myself to use the opportunity to set up some home cinema gear. The trick is to get my mum to sit through an entire film without falling asleep. This is the main objective (at least that's what I'm telling her... Wink ). Anyway, the current living room setup is as follows:

Samsung LE26R74BD 1080i TV;

Pioneer DV360 DVD player;

Hitachi VCR (the weakest link in the chain - an awful excuse for a VCR - not one that I had a say in the buying of unfortunately);

Denon AVR1707 Receiver;

Tannoy EFX5.1 speakers (previously employed in my bedroom home cinema, but wasted there really due to the space constraints).


I'm hoping the Home Cinema setup can make progress sooner rather than later, and I'll post any upgrades here. As some of you will have seen in another post, I'm split between getting a cheap (and cheerful) Toshiba DVD along with a seperate dedicated CD player, or go down the more expensive DVD player route, and hope the CD playing abilities are up to scratch. Currently, I have the ten year old Marantz CD67 plumbed into the Denon receiver, and it comfortably outwits the five year old Pioneer DVD player in stereo playback. If this is any indication of what difference I can expect then a dedicated CD player is looking like the preferred option.


Anyway, I hope this little trip down memory lane has reminded some of you about some of the gear you used to listen to... Some of us are still there... Wink