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New member, new system

Hi everyone I'm Dave, new here and recently delved back into the wonderful world of hifi.

Have been interested in all things audio since I was 17, started off with some IMF transmission line speakers, Cyrus 1 amplifier, then moved to some TDL RTL3 speakers and Marantz cd player before building some Hifi World KLS10's and coupling them to a home made (not by myself) Mosfet transistor amplifier.

The last system I had utilised this amplifier, a Rotel rcd971 and some Quad els57's + REL Storm subwoofer, for various reasons I sold all but the cd player and amp and have regretted it ever since.

I got by with all in one home cinema for the last few years before recently purchasing some new stuff that has brought back the smile to my face!

System now comprises of:

Cambridge audio ID100 + ipod classic
Cambridge Audio DAC Magic
Yamaha AS-500

PS3/Tivo sound also routed through dacmagic from Panasonic TV optical out.

Cables are Van damme 4mm studio line for speakers and Van damme interconnects.

Looking forward to spending some time amongst others interested in this wonderful hobby. Dave

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RE: New member, new system

Sounds good, what do you think of the id 100 dock? I'm tempted to upgrade my id 50 for one at some point.

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