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New Meets Old!

I actually featured in a What HiFi magazine article, published longer ago than I care to remember! In my modest review of several CD players, I selected the Arcam Alpha 6 as my preferred choice, from the half a dozen the staff kindly brought to my home. It was a while before I could actually buy one, which I added to my system of Ion 2 amp, SEE Revolver deck and Kef Reference 4 speakers.

I added an Ion FM tuner somewhere along the way and that system has performed very well until a few months ago, when the CD player suffered a catastrophic failure of the drawer mechanism. Catastrophic, by the way, because it cannot be repaired as Arcam no longer supply spare parts.

And so I consulted What HiFi once more and after a further audition, a Cyrus 8 SE2 has been thrown in at the deep end and has, mercifully,  found its feet remarkably well. I should add that we like it well enough that I have now set about sprucing up the whole system, with a few new cables and a rather nice oak Hi-Fi Podium Reference Rack. Cartridge next....