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My systems

Hi ,

 currently I'm using three different systems :

my livingroom system :

 pre-amplifier Atoll Electronique PR200

power amplifier Atoll Electronique AM80 + interlink Van Den Hul MD102 mkIII

cdp Arcam CD73T + interlink Kimber PBJ

tuner Yamaha T-85 (bought in 1988 !!)

minidisc player Sony MDS-JB730QS

speakers Mission 754 freedom 5 + speakercable Kimber 4VS

mains cables : Lapp

plasma TV Panasonic 37PA50 + mainscable Lapp and digital cable tuner

dvd player Sony DVP735

 Atoll Electronique is a French brand that makes very high quality kit at moderate prices . Here in Belgium it's being distributed by the same company that distributes Mission . The match between Atoll and Mission is perfect.


Then the AV-room system :

surround receiver Pioneer AVX-VSX3

dvd player Pioneer DV868i

projector Infocus SP5700

speakers : front  Mission 753 + speakercable Black Rhodium AST-200

                subwoofer Mission M75AS

                center Kef Q9C  (because I haven't been able to find a Mission 75C yet)

                rear surround Wharfedale Diamond 3

                Rear effect Technics M-300

for the stereosound : integrated amplifier Audio Analogue Puccini SE remote

                               cdp Audio Analogue Paganini (old model)

                               for the stereo I  use the same Mission 753 speakers as for the surround set . I just switch

                               speakercables , in this case the QED Genesis Silver Spiral with QED Airloc bananas.

                               turntable Micro Seiki DD40 (25 yrs old)   with Satin high output MC cartridge and Pro-

                               ject Phonebox mkII

In my office I use my old kit that I don't want to sell :

integrated amplifier John Shearne reference II

cdp Vecteur Club Forty (Vecteur is a French company know for it's very high quality kit. I don't know if it's available on the British market . It's not available in Belgium either . Mine was imported from France , as was the John Shearne amplifier .)

casste tape deck Yamaha KX-720

speakers Tannoy MX-2


Except for the plasma TV , the Tannoy speakers , the interlinks , mains and speakercables , and the very old turntable , tuner and tapedeck , everything was bought secondhand over the last 3 years .

What-Hifi Magazine was a very often used guideline for buying my equipment .


regards from Belgium