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My System

For Hi Fi I have the following:

Arcam FMJA32 amp + Primare A30.2 Power Amp driving bi-amped B&W 804 Speakers

Primare CD31 cd player and ClearAudio Performance Turntable

Connected together with Audioquest interconnects and Audioquest Indigo + speaker cable

 For Home Cinema

The above for the front two channels plus

Yamaha RXV2600 Receiver - This is used as a processor only, the pre out connections are used to connect to the Armam in Processor mode for the front speakers and to another Primare A30.2 and a Primare A30.3 for the surround and rear speakers

B&W HTM3 Centre speaker

REL R 505 sub

B&W DS7 for surround and rear speakers (two pairs)

 Sony KDL-40WS TV

InfocusIN76 Projector

You may wonder why I'm using the AV Amp as a processor only.  Well I already had two of the amps linked into a processor which didn't have its own amps built in.  When it came to upgrade for HDMI and upscaling I found it was much cheaper to buy an AV Receiver than a processor only.  Oh yes and of course the sound is much fuller and has greater dynamics with my present set up.  (I have tried it with the Primare amps out of the system for comparison).

To control it all I use a Logitec Harmony 525 which switches everything on at the press of a button - including the projector at the back of the room which is pretty impressive.

The room is about 5.5 x 5 meters with slightly higher than normal ceiling.