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My Stuff

If someone can explain how I can get photos on here I could maybe upload some. Unfortunatly until then I'll have to make do with a list. Anyway here goes tell me what you think.

Sony 40inch KDL V4000 LCD TV

Sony RDR-HXD860 Hard Disc DVD Recorder

Sony BDP-S300 Blu-Ray Player

Yamaha DSP-AX861SE Amp

Yamaha YST FSW-050 Subwoofer

Arcam CD72 CD Player

B&W 601 Front, 600 Rear and LCR60 Centre  Speakers Sorrento colour

Ixos XHS706W Gamma Geometry Speaker Cable

Ixos XHD608 Digital Co-Axial For Blu-Ray & DVD

Ixos Gamma Geometry RCA Interconnect For CD Player

Ixos XHD308 Toslink For TV

QED Qunex HDMI Cables For Blu-Ray and DVD

Ixos Subwoofer Cable

Apple 8GB iPod Nano

Yamaha YDS-11 iPod Dock

Think that's it all I have probably forgot something. I know it would probably be better with pics, maybe next time.

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Re: My Stuff

If the add image button doesn't work (I don't have problems but some seem to) read this

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