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My rockers system

After 3 years of trying to find the perfect kit for rock music this is what I finally own. Bliss at last 

Naim CD5X

Naim Nac122x Pre

Naim Nap150x Power

Naca5 Speaker cable & Tacima mains conditioner.

Alessandro ms2i headphones (better than grado 325i) with speaker switch box with headphone output

B&W 705 Speakers

 3000+ metal and hard rock albums

Panansonic 32 inch lcd vierra hd tv

Playstation 3

Panasonic DVD Recorder

Metal dvds




Headphone and Hifi Geek.

Ultrasone Signature Pro, Grado Ps1000, AKG K550, Ultrasone Pro900, Alessandro Ms2i, Audiofly AF160. Shure SE425, Etymotic ER4S, Earsonics SM3 v2.

Naim CDX2, Nap 150, Nac 122, B&W 705 Speakers.

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Re: My rockers system

Sounds like a VERY strong line-up! Especially the 3,000 rock albums! Nice one. Hope you enjoy your system. By the way. You`ve got a PS3. Any idea if a silver edition is in the pipeline?

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