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RE: My Living room system

Have you also got a Cyrus box in the top picture? Assuming this is a CD player or streamer? But then it's gone in the second pic Smile

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RE: My Living room system

Excellent job, looks great!

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RE: My Living room system

The speakers are slightly further back in the second photo aren't they? If you are able to pull them out when listening (the further the better) that would help with both imaging and bass. I have a friend with CM7's that he has to use closer to the back wall than ideal and the bass is definitively a bit loose. Not just a B&W trait, more laws of physics. 

You might also experiment with toeing them in a  bit to avoid reflections off the wall, particularly the right hand one.

Putting big cushions in the corners when listening might also help. If you don't like the look of them whilst listening or watching then put a better album / film on!!

Finally the support for the centre speaker isn't ideal (Ikea if I'm not mistaken). I had the same unit and it muddied the sound up a bit. You can't move it obviously, so maybe try putting something solid underneath the speaker. Start out with a simple flagstone to see if it makes a difference to the sound. If yes then either cover the flagstone in something nice to make it blend in or look for piece of granite or slate. I imagine you could fine something that would fit in with the clean aesthetic

Basically experiment a bit, speaker placement can make a big difference, even small changes, and you have the quality if kit to make the differences worthwhile. Hope this helps, and if your other half complains feel free to blame me!

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RE: My Living room system

Re the cyrus, the second picture was an earlier one and did not have the cyrus at the time. It is a streamline that I was trying out (at the time of the photograph) and have since purchased a silver one for a silly price of £300 Smile when audio t closed down. So far I have been pretty happy with it just facing the task of managing my digital music before i can fully appreciate it.


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