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My Home Cinema Setup

Reference Quality Rated - TD510 speakers - TD725sw - ECLIPSE SUBWOOFER - also Reference Quality Rated;     I have a complete 7.1 surround Sound set-up using the Eclipse Reference Quality Rated TD510 speakers, the .1 being the TD725sw - ECLIPSE SUBWOOFER - also Reference Quality Rated;  is the only subwoofer fast enough to accurately reproduce the lowest range of frequencies produced by both music and film.   Add The DENON AVC-A1HDA Home Cinema Amplifier, also the JVC DLA-HD350 Projector... A 'Grandview' 93inch screen that rolls up and down via remote from the ceiling - add a Then there's all the Hi If stuff - Technics Pro Turntable, Two Twin Cassette decks, Professional CD player etc. A separate 'NAD' Stereo Amp - 150 watts rms per channel; Panasonic Blu Ray/DVD player; all mounted on a special rack which cost 'Stupid Money'... Which has several, very thick glass shelves; about 6ft high - on castors. With all the electronic gear loaded on it, it weighs a ton, probably two.   There are several, special High Definition leads to carry the visual/audio signals - cost around £10 a metre - just two of them are 20 metre's long...    
Add a Sky HD + 1TB hard drive box, and I reckon I can out-match damn near any Movie theatre in the country for HD sound and Vision quality...

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RE: My Home Cinema Setup


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RE: My Home Cinema Setup

Sounds good.  Pics?

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