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My First 'Proper' System

I'm very happy with my new system.  I know it's not up to the level that many on here own but for me, it's fantastic!

I'd always gone for relatively cheap all-in-one 'hi-fis' before.  I'd never owned an AV receiver, or any proper speakers.  I decided on the TV first and the rest just snowballed.

I started off looking at the Onkyo 515 and somehow ended up at the Yamaha RX-A2010.  Similar story with the speakers.  I started off considering the Cambridge Audio S70s and matching centre but ended up (via what seemed like endless choices) with the Monitor Audio Silver RX6s and matching centre.  It was all a bit scary for a 'noob' like me but I got there in the end, with a lot of help from forum experts, Sevenoaks staff and personal demos of the equipment.  Even choosing cables, connectors (ended up with banana plugs) and HDMI leads took more research than I thought it would.

Anyway, it's all done now and I'm very happy with it all.  It sounds and looks fantastic!  Unfortunately, I reckon I've now caught the 'hi-fi upgrade bug'.  I'm already planning future 'improvements' (thinking - better surrounds and a decent CD player).  I've got a feeling that this may become a process that never ends...  Wink

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RE: My First 'Proper' System

Monitor audio RXFX do the job very nicely!

A word of warning! If you buy a decent CD player that may lead to a desire for better amplification. Nothing wrong with your av receiver but trust me it gets rather expensive!

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RE: My First 'Proper' System

Codex77 wrote:

I'm very happy with my new system.  I know it's not up to the level that many on here own but for me, it's fantastic

Seems like a solid mid range system similar to very many forumites. I recon most of us are limited less by budget or enthusiasm but more by the environment. I think a little room treatment can make the most of any kit and whatever upgrading we attempt the limit is always the room. Enjoy.

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RE: My First 'Proper' System

Pics please!

I am the danger. 

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RE: My First 'Proper' System

Codex77, this thread in my opinion is useless without pictures... Wink

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