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Loudspeaker upgrade

Hi all i need help with a loudspeaker upfgrade currently im using a system consisting of cyrus cd xtse + cd transport this is connected to my naim dac which is then connected to my naim nac 202 /200 pre /power amp the loudspeakers are dynaudio contour 1.1 i also connect my laptop to my naim dac via a musical fidelity vlink usb- spidf converter the system is great but wondered if better speakers around 2000.00 or a bit more would bring greater clarity i am using napsc power supply on naim preamp speaker cable is chord odyssey 2

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RE: Loudspeaker upgrade

Hi audiodave 42

nice set-up you have ive the same amps as you

you really must try the kef ls50 speakers they sound awesome in my system and think you might be suprised to here how great they will sound in yours
ive never heard any dynaudio speakers before but from my understanding are genrally quite bassy so if your still after a speaker with plenty of bass then maybe you should look at at the dynaudio range.

but for me and most kef ls50 users they are fantastic sounding speakers from bass to midrange upto the highs.

not to mention how great they look

p.s try posting this question in the hifi forum you'll get a better response from other members


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RE: Loudspeaker upgrade

Hi Audiodave42 I would dem the kef r500 and the kef r700 these are realy great speakers if you have the room for them  what music do you listen to

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