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How to upgrade my system

Hi to everyone,

I have recently joined whathifi and I'm a bit confussed on how I could improve my system.

Here is the configuration

Denon AVR-1910

Monitor Audio BR-5 Speakers

Sony NS-55 DVD 


Chord Carnival SilverScreen cables


The first upgrade I did, were the cables since I realised in the forums that this would make a noticable difference in the sound and it did!

I mainly use my system for listening to music so I have only 2 speakers attached so far.

The question is whether I should go for a better CD player (I currently use the Sony dvd player connected with an optical cable), or to add extra speakers (sub + surround)

I would appreciate any feedback.


Thank you in advance






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Re: How to upgrade my system

What sort of an upgrade are you looking for?

If you aren't really after the surround feel as you listen to music mostly and your happy with the overall sound of you amp than I would focus more on a source upgrade.

Do you listen to CD's or MP3 discs through the DVD player?

Also what sort of a budget are you aiming for? 


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Re: How to upgrade my system

1) If you use this system for 2 channel music, why did you buy an av receiver? The Marantz PM6003 amp would be much better.....

2) Your speakers are no longer made, but the matching centre and surrounds are still available at knock down prices. If you what to go to 5.1 surround in the future, it's best to buy them now, while they are still available!!!

Otherwise, you will be selling your BR5's to match up centre, etc later down the line....

3) If your listening to cd's a lot, a dedicated cd player is a must!!! I got my Marantz CD63 MkII KI off ebay for under £150......nothing will beat it at that price, and beyond!!!

Hope that helps......

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Re: How to upgrade my system

I have a MA BR 5.1 with the BR5 fronts.
I'd second the above post and agree that it would be a wise move getting the BR LCR centre speaker whilst still availible. A centre is such an important piece of an AV speaker set-up.
Regards sub & rears you maybe don't have to rush as much as for the centre.
Depending on your budget I would def reccommend a dedicated CD player for your music. Marantz & Monitor Audio seem to me to go well.

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Re: How to upgrade my system



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Dear Peter, Thank you very
much for the information.

I didn't get online
for a long time as I was on a business trip abroad.

The truth is that I
mainly use my system for listening to cds and mp3.

I can't say if I'm happy
with my amp or not, since I can judge only the overall performance of my
system. This is why I'm seeking for an expert advice on what change would make
a more significant improvement on my system. I know that the AVR-1910 is an AV receiver, but according
to the reviews it can still provide good audio quality. I was thinking that a
dedicated CD player might improve the sound, but someone told me that I have to
change the speakers... I'm confused.


Of course at a later stage
(2-3 months) I will buy the remaining speakers for a 5.1 setup.

At the moment I'm only
trying to improve the stereo sound.


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Re: How to upgrade my system

I apologise again for the long period of being offline.

I'm looking for an upgrade on my stereo sound first of all and later I will go for a  5.1 configuration.

 I listen to cds and MP3 through the dvd payer or even the PS3.


My budget is around 300 pounds

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Re: How to upgrade my system

1) Since I can't affort to buy 2 different amps, I bought the denon in order to use it for both stero and 5.1 sound.

2) I will probably do that

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