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HI new to forum

HI, just thought i'd get on here and get involved, just thouht i'd tell you about my system and hopefully get some tips on where to go from here, my system currently consists of:

Cambridge Audio D500se CD player

Cambridge Audio C500 Control amplifier

Cambridge Audio P500 power amplifier (x2)

Wharfedale Diamond 8.4 Floorstanders

DNM Reson Interconnects

Cable talk 3.1 BI-wire speaker cable

Sat on a Target Audio stand

Think i have done pretty well as this is my first attempt at hi-fi and spent just over £400 for it all

I'm pretty happy with the results as i've spent hours moving things around for better results, but would like it to be more punchy in the mid bass and mid range, how would i acheive this? would changing the speaker cable get any better results?


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Re: HI new to forum

Pictures please Big Smile

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Re: HI new to forum

will try and get some pics on asap

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Re: HI new to forum

Hey gav - difficult to give too much advice because that's a pretty decent setup you've got there. Not sure I'd be looking to cables to offer more punch though. If there's one component I'd change it might be the speakers, which I suspect have a tendency to lose control in the areas you mention - perhaps counterintuitively, I think a quality standmount might actually give you more of what you're looking for.

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Re: HI new to forum

Hey John cheers for the reply, i tried a mates epos m14's on the system with his dreadnought stands and i'll agree with you they were punchier but didnt give me the bottom end like the wharfedales do suprisingly, possibly standmounts and a small sub could be my answer or maybe save up and buy some real hifi speakers instead


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