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Help needed. Advice appreciated

Hello all,

            I will apologise now as I am a total newbie, when it comes to set-ups and have little or no knowledge about the brands.Please bear with me and I will try and explain what I am trying to do. I am looking to have a home cinema type set up in our new lounge and can do with all the help and advice you guys could offer.

              In a nutshell - looking to get a 40-42" LED on the chimney breast wall. The fireplace 'hole' will have shelving for Virgin Box, DVD/Bluray and will have dark glass doors to hide everything. Connections from all the boxes sitting in the fireplace will go through the chimney to the back of TV, hence hopefully no wires on display.

        Somebody once mentioned the idea of getting a Media Center. I was thinking of connecting my virgin broadband cable from the wireless router to the Media Center. That way I could wireless stream the music and movies from my Laptop to play on the TV. Sorry to sound stupid but, What else can a Media Center do for me? Can I record TV programmes on it. Do they come with memory or do I need to get a separate 1 Tera or 2 TeraHard disk. I.E. can I use it to also work as Virgin or Sky + box, without having to pay Virgin a monthly fee?

What sort of features should I be looking for in a Media Center? Is there an alternative to Media Center/Memory?

        In terms of sound, I'm presuming all-in-one systems are a no go when it comes to quality. What should i be looking at? I'm really sorry to sound so pathetic? An amp and a good 5.1 system? In terms of space, I think It'd be better suited to have two tall speakers either side. How could I avoid Spaghetti?

        For TV, is 3D TV worth it? Is there enough content out there? Personally I find the idea of sitting in our own lounge with a pair of glasses a bit weird.

        Any help, advice, suggestions or opinion you guys can offer is highly valued and greatly appreciated



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Re: Help needed. Advice appreciated

Maybe pop this thread onto the home cinema section

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