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Help - Marantz CD 63SE

Hi,  I purchased my CD player (a Marantz CD63SE) back in 1999.  This year the sound started to drop out - i wiggled the connectors and it came back on.  I assumed the connecting leads were duff & chucked them out & purchased some new ones.  It has not worked.  It is infuriating to have to very very gently wiggle the connectoing leads every time i use it and them if its a milimeter out it the sound vanishes.  What is woring with the cd player do you think - is it worth getting it fixed?

Thanks.  Paul.

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RE: Help - Marantz CD 63SE

Sounds like the output sockets have come loose or the solder joints to the circuit board have cracked. Either way, it is a cheap and easy fix- probably two minutes with a soldering iron.

And yes, it will be worth fixing, the CD63SE is a cracking machine!

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RE: Help - Marantz CD 63SE

Thanks for that.  Paul.

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