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Denon 1906 upgrade advice


I have a Pioneer 4280xd plasma tv connected to Acoustic Energy Aero 3bs (7.1) speakers via a Denon 1906 amp. Yesterday my Sony bdp-s500 blue-ray player broke and I need some advice.

Should I buy a new Pioneer LX52 blue-ray player and upgrade my amp to the Denon 1910/2310 or 3310 amp? Would the 3310 amp be overkill for my speakers?

Any thoughts welcome - have been contemplating the Denon 2010/Sony s760 blue-ray players as well. 


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Re: Denon 1906 upgrade advice

Hi there ,

 All I can say is I have the Denon 3310 hooked up to MA R90HD system. Over kill it may be but boy there is plenty of control in the sound. The Denon is def in charge of the speakers. I dont play at reference levels but loud enough for my wife to moan.

You can get some great deals on the Denon at Peter Tyson and Creative Audio.

Yes I could use bigger speakers tha cost more but this system works well together and you get internet radio and firmware updates with the 3310.


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