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Component based Hi-Fi audio system

Dear Editor,

I'm a new member to this forum and have been looking for an audio system that can provide high quality playback for my collection of tapes and CDs. I also like to listen to MW/SW1/SW2/FM broadcasts. Aesthetic design and high user friendliness will be huge pluses. My room size is approximately 25 feet x 15 feet (an area close to 400 sq. feet).
As I'm a regular reader of your magazine, going by your reviews I looked at ONKYO CR-515 system (award winner in your category). Quite honestly I didn't like it. I thought there was a lot of hype about it. Besides flat sound the model lacks good aesthetics. The tape deck (K505-TX) that ONKYO provides with this mini hi-fi system has a plastic front panel whereas the CD receiver has an aluminum front panel. Put together it came across as an unattractive package.
Hence, I'm looking to build a system component by component. I'll appreciate if you could provide your expert opinion and suggestions to select the following components:
 (1) Stereo Receiver + Tuner
 (2) CD Player
 (3) Tape Deck
 (4) Pair of speakers
 (5) Possible addition of a Turntable

If there's another micro hi-fi system (Tape, Tuner, CD Player) please let me know. 


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Re: Component based Hi-Fi audio system

 I'd check out TEAC's Reference range - up there or thereabouts with the Onkyos in performance, and with a lot of options.

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