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Chordette Gem

My system comprises a LINN Akurate CD into a Chord DAC64 and I have Klimax Kontrol and a Klimax Twin stereo amp and some LINN Espek speakers. My dealer recently loaned me a Chordette Gem blu-tooth dac and I've spend a couple of days listening to it - mainly using i-Tunes and Windows Media files. Let me say this is intended as a second source and not to replace CD's. I rip CD's but don't download music, preferring to own it and to have a backup copy. So I wasn't expecting to be as impressed with the Gem as I was. Considering the reasonable cost and how easy it was to set up, even to someone who is not that computer literate. Anyway I am using a blu-tooth dongle on the back of my PC and that is "transmitting" to the Chord which is in another room. Works a treat and the FLAK files I ripped onto my PC sound extremely close to my CD player and for a heck of a lot less money. i-Tunes (even set to lossless) isn't as good but its not that bad either.

The end result is that with the fantastic GUI of i-Tunes with all the playlist stuff, I haven't switched my CD player on in two days. Now its looking like I might invest.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Chordette Gem

We've just had a Chordette Gem in for testing, so will let you know what we think in a week or so.

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Re: Chordette Gem


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