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Building my system....with your help

Hello Everybody 

I am in a process of building my multimedia spot and I do need you advices.

I already have some ideas and I am not completely new in the area but I would really like your advice to understand if I am missing something and to learn from the best.

First thing my budget is not infinite...I would like to spend no more that 1700 quid 

LED TV 40/42 (600 quid)

Ampli (250/300)

Speakers (250/300)

Wi-Fi external multimedia hard drive (250/300)

rest for DAC and Wi-Fi music receiver.

As I told you I am not an expert so I would really much appreciate your input and your advice...if you think that something is not necessary....if I am missing something absolutely important (floor stand?)

Think you are building your on system and let me know your ideas...