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Bi-Amping Wiring Error: Onkyo SR605 & ELAC FS127

Note:Cross post

Dear All--

My audio system is as follows:

-Onkyo TX SR605, Bi-Amp Enabled

-Front Speakers: ELAC FS127(2.5 way 4 ohms, Large floor standers)

-Center: Mordaunt Short 905i

-Rear: Onkyo bundled(small)

-Cables: QED Silvery Anniversat XT Biwire(front and center)

months back when I ordered the QED SA XT biwire cable from a local
disti called Pro-fx, they offered an on-site installation visit by
their engineers. So the guys arrived and set up my system. Since these
guys seemed like professionals (who tune denon amps and keff speakers
day in and out), I let them tune my above mentioned system along with
the cabling for which they primarily came for. I had my doubts but then
they were unhurried and seemilngly were thorough in their approach. On
my instructions they also did the bi-amping. Few months later, I
realise that they wired the b-amping the wrong way. The polarities are
ok but basically they messed up the low frequency and high frequency
feeders by mistake.I did not cross verify this for a long time until

 (In SR605, the front channel is supposed to feeds the
high frequency post of the speakers and the surround back channel feeds
the low frequency post of the speakers. In my speakers, the top line is
the HF post and the bottom line is the LF post.)

 Questions I
have is, does this type of erroneous wiring have any harmful effect on
the speakers or the amp? (From my understanding it does not seem like
it but am not sure), if so what should be done? Should I "run-in"
speakers again for better effect?


And lastly, though
the sound is so much better after wiring it correctly, I had no clue
that I was missing this sound! Iam embarassed and left wondering how
many of you experts would have figured  from the sound that the
bi-amping connections were not correct? Am curious....


Thanks for your insight...regular reader of Whathifi can screw up too! Stick out tongue