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Arcam and Monitor Audio!!!!


 I'm here 1) to show my system but also 2) to ask for some help.

 My system is as follows:

Arcam DV137 (DVD Player)

Arcam AVR350 (Surround Sound Receiver)

Monitor Audio RS 270 (Front Speakers)

Monitor Audio RS 250 (Centre Speaker)

Monitor Audio RS 90 (Rear Speakers)

Monitor Audio RSW-12 (Subwoofer)

I have it all currently hooked up to a Panasonic 42" Plasma.

My room is perfect for a cinema room ( I feel anyway) 4.5m x 4.2m square. All walls have been lined and sealed with sound deadening to material.  

All the wiring + connectors are second to none (Approx £400.00) and the install that I have done myself seems to work great. All the speakers sound great apart from the Sub.

My issue is, is that I can't get the Sub-woofer to work correctly.

 I currently have it wired into the Right (red) connector of the Sub (1 lead) running from the Sub Woofer output on the AVR350. It seems to work but not as great as I'd expected. The dealer who I bought it from said that, that was correct. I'm a little sceptical though...

 I have played around with all the settings on the other speakers to get them balanced within my room they sound great, but the subwoofer doesn't seem to kick in when I think it should.

 Could it be something to do with the crossover balance on the system. First question does anyone know what sort of level that this should be set at?

If anyone has any tips on how to get the most out of this system, then I'd also be forever grateful, because I'm starting to pull my hair out.

 If anyone can help with this I'd be greatly appreciative.