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Microsoft pushing HTC over Nokia ?

Whilst at the cinema today watching the adverts before The Hobbit started, I noticed the Windows mobile 8 advert.


Towards the end of the advert when they actually show you closeups of the phones they seem to spend twice as long showing HTC's 8X rather than the Lumina 920.


Is this a sign of Microsoft favouring HTC as their focal point in the runup to xmas following the majority of reviews placing the 8X ahead of the 920 ?

If so, Nokia must be pretty upset - they put all their eggs in 1 basket, and it doesnt seem to paying off.



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RE: Microsoft pushing HTC over Nokia ?

You may find its a form of positive discrimination.  If Microsoft cozy up with Nokia too much, why would anyone else want to joint the platform?

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RE: Microsoft pushing HTC over Nokia ?

Many have been led to believe the 8X is HTC flagship phone for Windows, HTC will be releasing there Titan 3 which runs Windows and is meant to be able to compete with the best 

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