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Yet Another Home Music Streaming Question

I have read a few of the posts on here but thought I may as well state my exact requirements and see if anyone can help..

I want to connect something, be it a NAS or preferably an old computer, to my Netgear Wi-fi router on whcih I can store music files. The something should be able to be accessed by me and the 3 other people in my house so they can play and/or copy the files on or to their own computers.

I would also like to be able to stream music from this something to the kitchen, where I have an amp and speakers and also browse the files at this location. I realise I may need to by some kind of wireless player (Squeezebox?) to do this, which is fine but I was hoping to spend as little as possible - maybe £200 at the most.

The wireless network is G, I believe so was also wondering about the implications for internet browsing speeds of streaming music; would I need to upgrade the network?

Hope someone can help. Thanks.

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RE: Wi-fi

Wireless G is more than fast enough for streaming music - even with several people accessing it at once (G should give a real-world throughput of around 15-20Mbps).


Wireless N might help with range/stability - but only if all your devices are N.

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RE: Wi-fi

OK, thanks.


What about using FreeNAS to make a server - how easy is this? Just been reading a bit about it. Also, any ideas about streaming 'client'? Thanks again.

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