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Xbox360 wireless settings

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but here goes...

On my xbox 360 I can't seem to connect to all the people on my friends list (if I start a party not everyone can join it, also if I invite people to a game the same people cannot join it)

My mate thinks its to do with my firewall settings but I'm not sure where or what to change these

Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, what did you do to sort it out?

PS The 360 is set up with a wireless adapter and I have no other problems with the set-up

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Re: Xbox360 wireless settings

Check your NAT settings. I had this problem for a while, don't try phoning either xbox or your ISP as they will tell you to contact the other. Your friends right regarding it being your firewall, I turned off Norton and went into my router settings and reduced the firewall, which seemed to do the trick.

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Re: Xbox360 wireless settings

A little late but for future referance:

It is to do with your NAT settings, the best way is (to determine if its your or someone else you are playing with) to restart your/their router - yes thats "turn it off and on again", this accours because of your IP address has not been auto assigned between your PC an xbox.ÿ

You can check if its you by seeing if your network is "open" or on "strict" - if on strict you will not be able to play with certain players.


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