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Wi-fi solution - help!

Hi All,


Just got married a couple of weeks ago and 1 of the gifts we kindly received was a Pure Evoke Flow. We also got some vouchers/cash which we are hoping to put towards a wifi solution for the house. I want to play music in the lounge, kitchen and bedroom and currently have the pure radio and a 5.1 system in the lounge all through an Onkyo 605 receiver. At present all of my music is ripped in lossless on my laptop.


I have a budget of approx £700. 


I'm assuming if I don't want the laptop on all the time I will need a NAS but I really don't know much about these (am going to have a look through the forums now). I was looking at Sonos but I assume you can't link the Pure radio in with the Sonos units?


I'd welcome any thoughts people had!





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RE: Wi-fi solution - help!


I have a sonos system and i use my Pure Avanti connected to my ZP80 and it Work's perfectly.So if your Pure Evoke has an Aux input you can connect it to a zone player.


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