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Virgin Media 50 Meg

Hello Everyone, 

I am thinking of making the move to the new fiber optic 50 meg broadband option from Virgin Media. However, all research brings up terrible reviews but then again all broadband suppliers have terrible reviews. I find that people tend to write only when something bad happens as opposed to receiving good service. 

Anyways, my question is. has anyone tried the Virgin media 50 meg service and is it any good and if so how does the wireless router work with the Apple TV? 

Also how does this work with Mac's?

The reason for my move is that I am currently with BT Broadband and I find the tech support terrible due to the indian call centers and I believe Virgin have simmilar tech support. But my main problem is that apparently according to a BT tech guy that my line isn't capable of handling the high broadband speeds and that if it goes to fast it seems to knock out the wireless signal and I have to reset the router. This became a problem this weekend as I was DL a movie from Itunes and it took hrs despite resetting the router and the apple TV. 

So I am hoping that the move to fiber optic will sort out my drop in broadband speeds etc. 

Thanks for any help -

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Re: Virgin Media 50 Meg

Well I only have 2meg (which is reasonably reliable), but I'll point out that everything you've heard about Virgin tech support is true, so don't go to them for improvements over BT. Though I did get a free cable modem out of them to sort out download speed (which was actually an issue with DNS, but hey).

The wireless router should be no different irrespective of speed (a 'g' router will go up to 54meg) but you might want to go 'n' to have a bit of headroom.

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Re: Virgin Media 50 Meg

Bear in mind that if you do go Virgin (I'm on their 2MB service as well, and have never had cause to complain) that you will need a different wireless router as your ADSL one is only for BT-type connections, not cable.

Also, don't forget that it's "up to" 50MB - if everyone in your area is caning their connection, you won't get 50MB.

In fact, as a lot of websites only have 10MB themselves, 50MB may be a little pointless at present.

I have tried their 10MB service, which was very good, and I got 9.75MB when doing speed tests...I would suggest this as the most cost-effective option at present...

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Re: Virgin Media 50 Meg

I'm on th  10  after getting the free upgrade from 4 which was a free upgrade from 2 as I'm on the XL package , only ever had I problem in  about  6 years.

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