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PS3 VS HDMI Laptop


I have just sold my PS3 in wait of the new one for launch in Sept. However when thinking about it, the main use for it was to, stream only, as I do not play games (prefer my Wii) and find having a DVD/ Bluray collection (near my system) takes up space and my kids would destroy. Instead I have a convenient home network (with my dvd held on a storage drive) with receivers in the main rooms which the PS3 acted as one of them. 

However I had a brainwave, which I hope someone can confirm if my theory is correct. I also own a Samsung R510 HDMI (dual core 2.2GHz) laptop and wondered would this act as better a replacement streamer to my PS3 in terms of picture quality. I use Power DVD 9 Deluxe which is I believe is the closet that laptop can get to upscaling without upgrading the hardware and can decode the HD sounds onboard. Am I to understand the PS3 cannot upscale (to 1080p) streamed information? If this is the case does that mean technically there would be no difference and I would save my self £250? Not sure if the graphicscard plays a role here as I am not using the laptop screen as it is instead hooked up to my Sony 2400ES AV amp via the HDMI ports.Therefore can I also assume the AMP is doing all the work in terms of sound and picture?

 Please help? 


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Re: PS3 VS HDMI Laptop


Further to my email above, I have done some of my research. After watching the Gadget Show I saw the Acer AspireRevo (160gb, 2gigs RAM) being sported. I bought one almost immediatly(typically £250 but I got one for £220). What this basically is a mini PC that can bolt to back of versa mount of your TV or can be freestanding.

It has HDMI/VGA out, lightning fast graphics card (NVdia 9300), Windows Vista with media Player/Centre including a free upgrade to Window 7 (October 22nd release). With tiny Atom processor it consumes very little power. Also with additional software such Power DVD 9 (not inc) you can accelerate the graphics card to render even better pictures (similar to upscaling) which is great for DVDs (when an external drive is connected).

Now for the really good bit, this unit streams and plays back up to 1080p for movies and HD sound including all the Codecs i.e. Divx, MKV, WM9 etc with the right software. This means it plays anything I throw at it and all through Microsoft Media Centre. Via the USB (6 in total) you can connect extrahardrives with music and movies although there is already 160GB hard driveincluded. Music look amazing with all the album covers on display.

 Finally and the best of all its silent in operation. Also BBC iplayer, Utube etc or online channels play brilliantly. 

The only drawback I have found so far is that it takes a little while to boot up as a normal PC would but other than this its the best streamer I have ever had and What HiFi should rate it against the PS3/Xbox 360 as I believe this would wipe the floor with it minus the Bluray drive (it has no drives)


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