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PC to TV

Hi everyone.. hope you can help.

I know you can stream your PC content to your TV... saved audio/video files and the like, but is there a way of sending whats on my PC screen at the time to the TV wirelessly... ie... if I was watching iplayer direct from the internet (not downloaded and saved) and I wanted to watch that on the big screen.


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Re: PC to TV

Only way I can think of is using an analog wireless video sender, which would take the composite video out and audio from your PC's graphics and sound cards, and send it to the corresponding inputs on your telly.

But digitally, I'm don't think there is currently a way of doing that...you might be better off getting a cheap 2nd hand SFF (small form factor) PC off ebay - you can get HPs/Dells for around £75, and that way could plug it straight into the telly and use a wireless KB/mouse...

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