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PC to Denon DM39DAB via WiFi?

Hi All,

I have bought a Denon DM39DAB and would like to stream music to it from my laptop to via WiFi.  Is there any way of doing this?  I dont have bluetooth on my laptop either.

Many thanks

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RE: PC to Denon DM39DAB via WiFi?

You could use an Apple Airport Express http://www.apple.com/airportexpress/#airplay and connect to the optical in. Have been thinking about buying the same setup.

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RE: PC to Denon DM39DAB via WiFi?

Or for £20 more get an Apple TV and enjoy the same Airplay features whilst purchasing the video side of things as well.  That said, the Denon doesn't look to have WiFi built in, so there might be a preference for the Airport Express as you could use it as a bridge to your WiFi router (if a wired connection isn't possible).

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RE: PC to Denon DM39DAB via WiFi?

I have a Denon DM38 that is connected to an Airport Express in my kitchen (connected to the network by ethernet and also extending my wifi into that part of the house) and a DM39 connected to a 2nd generation Apple TV (running headless) in my living room which connects to the wifi network. Both work well streaming music from my Mac Mini and appear as 'speakers' in the Airplay list on iTunes. My office is catered for by an Airport Express acting solely as a music streamer (so wireless disabled) connected to my home network via ethernet and to the aux on an old mini hifi system. 

Just to finish it off my media room has a hifi separates system that includes a Denon DNP720AE which has Airplay, is an FM radio & does other media serving if required - though to be fair iTunes does it for me. The multiple speakers option in iTunes is great too

Hope that helps a bit - it took me a while to get it how I wanted it as it was all new territory but I'm happy with it

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