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Newbie to Apple TV

I'm toying with the idea of getting Apple TV for my 'listening room'.


My system consists of a NAD C355BEE amp, M/A RX2 speakers on Partington stands, an Arcam CD72 CDP and a Sony 32" flat screen TV and soon a DAC & DVD/BluRay player of somekind - All connected with Chord cables.


The room is at the other side of the house away from my study where the PC and internet connections are; I also have a Netghear wireless router for wifi as the wife uses the Laptop around the house etc...


Beginners/dumb question I know but how does Apple TV work and how would I connect it into my system? I'd be looking at it to replace my Arcam CD72 CDP which would go on eBay to cover the cost of the Apple TV


Does the ATV connect to my NAD via a DAC (i.e. digital cable from ATV to the DAV and then a standard steroe RCA connection to my NAD) or am I missing something? Does the ATV pick up the music I've got on iTunes via wireless as well or do I need to connect it via a hard-line etc...


Thanks for your patience [8-)] [:$]

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Re: Newbie to Apple TV

1) Yes it works on wireless, so you just need to get it to join the existing network, pair it with your iTunes library and off you go.

2) The latest (black) @TV doesn't have analogue audio outs, unfortunately, so yes you do need a DAC to get a signal to your amp. Once you do, you connect the DAC via standard interconnects to your amp. Alternatively, you can buy an AV receiver instead of a DAC, which will have digital inputs and would serve the same purpose.

3) Do note that an Apple TV can only play content that's available in iTunes (unless you use third party software like Airfoil, and the PC or Mac has to be tuned on for the @TV to access it. Although having said that, you can stream to it from an Airplay device like an iPhone or iPad.

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Re: Newbie to Apple TV

Hi there, I recently got one of the older 160gig apple tv boxes for £140 as I wanted the ability to listen to my i-tunes, without having my pc (which is upstairs) on, and without having to invest in a DAC /Dock or lead for connection to my amp ( Onkyo 608 ). After the first sync which was done by network cable, any i-tunes updates are done via our wi-fi network( when the pc is on )or if not, i-tunes, or at least a copy of it , is stored on the apple tv box which is connected via hdmi to the amp. This method works fine for us plus the wife loves the on screen GUI which cant be a bad thing!!! On reading this through, the only relevant parts to you I think are the fact that the 'older' apple tv boxes (which were v expensive) can store offline content as well as stream etc, where as the new ones can only stream. They both connect in a number of ways . The 160gig box is basically an i-pod without a screen, so you need a tv within cable distance for the graphics. Hope this is of help.

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