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New Home Network Multimedia Install

This is my first venture in to av networking although I've been around data networks for some time and have a msoft small biz server setup in my home already (although server hardware ready for an upgrade).

Right I have a computer room/study which I house the server and happy to add NAS storage to that for av files. 

My main priority is to rip. house and stream a collection of around 2,000 audio Cd's

I can cat5 (or bigger) cable streaming to my living room and other main rooms.

I want to be able to access music (and possibly video) through some sort of jukebox/library software in my living room and I'm not against the idea of small silent PC in the living room to connect to a flat screen TV and audio to a new receiver and speakers.

I realise there are probably and hundred questions I haven't addressed yet, but thought I'd post this 1st so you guy's could help me put together a spec for the system.

 Budget under 3k