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Linksys DMA 2100 - lossless files to your amp!

I've had a couple of minor issues with this but it's now up and running and working superbly. I initially had wav files streaming from my pc upstairs down to the tiny Linksys box which sits on my rack in the lounge. Then they stopped working. I tried everything but couldn't work it out. I then converted them to WMA Lossless files and perfecto. Now I'm ripping using WMP and it works fine. The Linksys connects to my DAC and the sound is fantastic. The great thing about the Linksys is it also connects to my AV receiver via hdmi and I get the screen showing on my tv. This makes it easy to work the remote control. I've also got photos and videos on there.


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Re: Linksys DMA 2100 - lossless files to your amp!

that looks pretty impressive, been looking t getting a squeezebox but i may go  for the linksys now

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