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IR Remote Contol Relay Options

Does anyone know how I can relay my IR remote control signals. I  want to hang the TV on the wall with all the equipment in a cupboard just conected by HDMI's. I want to be able to use SKY+ HD and have seen indications that simple equipment in Maplin will not relay the signal used by that box.

I can't be the only person who wants to do this so surely there must be a product out there.

PLEASE HELP, any advice appreciated.

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Re: IR Remote Contol Relay Options

I use Marmitek power mids - take a look at those.

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Re: IR Remote Contol Relay Options

Some of the Logitech remotes, such as the Harmony 1000, which you can find online for about £140, can be used with an RF extender. This takes signals from the remote using RF (ie radio), so doesn't need line of sight, and can drive a number of infrared flashers which you'd mount within your cabinet to control your products.

Including Sky boxes.

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Re: IR Remote Contol Relay Options

Thanks for the info. I'll try the Marmitech solution first as I already have a universal remote. I'll  keep you posted.


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