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How do I improve my wireless network?

Morning all,

Simple question? I hope. I would like to improve my wireless reception in my house. Whilst excellent in some areas, it is very poor in others. I currently have O2's router pluged into the phone line.

What do I need? How much sould I pay? Is it simple to set up?

Many thanks in advance



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Re: How do I improve my wireless network?

Easiest way is a wireless network extender - have a look here (NB - not necessarily recommending any of those listed, but it gives you an idea of what you need).


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Re: How do I improve my wireless network?

You could also try varying the band you're on on your router in case it's clashing with other networks / devices.

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Re: How do I improve my wireless network?

you may have seen my post in a similar thread but I too suffer from poor wireless reception upstairs.

I have been advised that "homeplugs" are where its at to solve this.  The one below is apparently a very good one and one I am going to buy.


However there are some other simpler cheaper things to try first



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