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Creative X-Mod Wireless - Any good?

I've been recomended the above in order to cheaply and discreetly send the same music all around my house, so we can move from room to room, (even into the garden) without interuption.

Bottom line is... Do you people, (who know much more about such things than me) think it's any good or not?



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Re: Creative X-Mod Wireless - Any good?

Well it looks like an Airport Express or Squeezebox, which get more column inches around here, but yes, seems to be ok. Dunno about UK pricing.......

Some questions though - a) what is it you want to achieve precisely? b) do you have a wireless network already? c) do you use iTunes as your music player d) where and in what format is your music stored?

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Re: Creative X-Mod Wireless - Any good?

Good question,

ÿThe Airport express was looking to be the option, as a dedicated Mac user. However they seem to be getting some poor reliability reports (even my local Mac Genius hesitated before discussing them) Also by the time I have purchased the three or four I will need the cost is starting to climb quite high. (for me)

But to answer your questions specificaly...

a) To have existing music systems in several different rooms (and the garden) playing the same musicÿsimultaneously, so that we can ÿmove about the house while enjoyingÿuninterruptedÿmusic, particularly during a party.ÿ

b) Yes

c) Yes

d) Currently purchased CDs ripped onto a macbook as MP3s . Though hopefully soon to be moved to an external networked drive.

This is more about what I don't want, and that is to add more players and speakers into the various rooms, as they all (except the garden) already have a good CD/Radio player of one kind or another.

Open to any alternative suggestions



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