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Can you help please.


I am thinking of changing my internet provider to Plusnet. They have offered me, for just over £6 per month, broadband at 10GB. I explained to them what I do on my computer - I turn it on most days at about 8.30 and switch it off about 6pm. I dont watch or download movies or itunes or iplayer but I do download about 3 or 4 albums a month and I listen to internet radio through a Sonos system and the first zone player is connected to my router.

Plusnet say 10GB should be enough for all of this but I can upgrade to 60GB. Will 10GB be enough? Does anyone out there know?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Can you help please.

Well an album in lossless flac format could take up around 400 MB, or in mp3 around 100MB.


so (assuming a download overhead of around 20%)

 - 4 albums would be around 2GB in flac, or 0.5GB in mp3.

 - Internet radio at 128Kbs would take up around 0.07 GB for an hour.


So I would assume 10GB would be enough for now. Im sure they wouldnt mind if u have to upgrade ur package in the future.




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Re: Can you help please.

Thank's edsib1.


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