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Can Ipad control Apple Tv wirelessly?? Does it stream iplayer?

Hi i have an ipad already, just wondering does the new apple tv stream BBC iplayer?  

Will i be able to control the Apple Tv coverflow with my ipad??  

Just now i am plugging my mac in via optical and hdmi converter into my amp.  This is not a huge inconvenience.  

Using the ipad as a remote with the remote app is very slick indeed. Would it be any better with the Apple tv or am i wasting my £100 for the sake of having to plug in my macbook??  I will have to switch on my mac to access the music on it anyway??  

Any tips or advice?? 

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Re: Can Ipad control Apple Tv wirelessly?? Does it stream iplay

You can't stream iplayer through apple tv at all.  If/when you can then I could cough up the cash for one.   You can buy a connector (for about £30) to connect ipad to the tv to watch iplayer via the ipad.  Have a look on the apple store.  I think the ipad can use any of the 3 connectors available.   I have one for my ipod touch and use it occassionally on a 32" 720p tv and sitting about 3 metres away the picture is certainly watchable although a little soft (unsurprising given the upscaling going on). 

I'm pretty sure i've read that the ipad can control ATV2.  Check out Andy Clough's blog on Airplay and the apple tv review for more info.

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