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BT HomeHub2-Problems

Hi guys, I hope someone can shed some light here.

Recently upgraded to a homehub2 from BT. I have my desktop in an office upstairs, which i connected to the hub. My first problem was it wouldn't connect to my laptop. After changing the channel, i was able to correct this, but now after about 1 months usage i'm not connecting to the broadband on the desktop.

I've tried changing the filters (usually the first thing the helpdesk recommends), Next i moved the hub downstairs and connected a Dell TruMobile WLAN adapter, which i've used in the past with the original hub, and now i can't see my network to log on to!

Has anyone got any ideas?



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Re: BT HomeHub2-Problems

Sounds like a problem I have. I can connect wirelessly to my laptop, but not to my desktop via Ethernet.

I had BT 'round to sort out my BT Vision box. He looked at the hub, and said it was working fine. He thinks that a lightning strike that hit the house 2 doors down, has done something to my computer. (also killed one of my powerline adaptors, hence the Vision fault).

Did you have a thunderstorm around the time it stopped working?

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