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Apple TV & Home wireless network speed

I now have an Apple TV and Airport Express connected for streaming purposes mainly, but also in the case of the apple TV to show photos off the ipad and iphone i have. However, there seems to be a real lag between what is happening on device and what is happening on the screen. I'm guessing this is down to the speed of my home network. so, i guess my questions are:   1) am i right in thinking the home wireless network speed can vary 2) what is the best router to solve this problem , or is there another way to boost speed.   Music streaming seems ok. .   Thanks   James

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Re: Apple TV & Home wireless network speed

There are quite a few factors that can cause problems with the speed of your wifi network. One of the easiest ways to improve speed is to broadcast on a different channel. You can change this in the settings of your router.

Here's a website that explains what more you can do.


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