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advice please - speakers, connections etc

Hi and thanks for reading this post.

 I'm wanting to start enjoying my music again and would appreciate advice on getting the best quality I can.  I really am starting from the basics because I don't have anything purchased as of yet (to be honest I bought a BOSE companion 5 last week but wasn't confident that this was the way forward so I have not opened the box and will be returning it next week).

Currently I have an Apple mac, an Iphone, an airport express and a room to set up the speakers etc.  Other than that I don't know what else I should be buying.

I have a budget of £1000.


Thanks in advance,


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Re: advice please - speakers, connections etc

What is the sources you are looking to use? You mentioned Mac and Express is all of your music digital or do you have CD's etc.

 Also are you looking for 2 channels (Music Only) or are you looking at and AV system. You have not given us much to go on.

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