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Wall Volume Switches

Hello Smile


I am installing some AV equipment in my flat and wondered if you could help  Smile


The set up:

I have an AV receiver, which has 2 zones.

The first zone is for the surround sound. 

For the second zone, I am planning to connect a speaker selector to it, which will have 5 pairs of ceiling speakers plugged into it. 

The ceiling speakers are all in different rooms. 

3 pairs of speakers are 40W, the other 2 are 35W.

I was hoping to have a wall volume control switch in every room which contains the ceiling speakers.

It needs to be a 1 gang (square) switch, which fits inside a backbox of 60 x 60 x 45 mm.


Does anyone have any ideas which sorts of volume switches I need to go for and where I can find them?


Thank you Smile

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RE: Wall Volume Switches

Not practical as you would need heavy duty wire wound potentiometers to handle the power of the amplifier.

Contact your local dealer who deals with custom installs as he will be able to give you the best advice, however don’t expect to do it on the cheap. (It will probably be cheaper and more flexible to use something like a Sonos system http://www.sonos.com/ )

Hope this helps


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RE: Wall Volume Switches

QED have one - a WM14 if I recall. Should  be £70 or so.

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