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Hi all,

About 12 years ago I built my first system consisting top of the range Pioneer DVD player, Yamaha DSP A2 (great 7.1 AV amp), Arcam 7se CD player, Monitor Audio (MA) Silver 7i floor standers and MA Silver 12i centre, MA silver 3i surround and MA bronze bipole as front high level effect. Good quality interconnectors to CD player, QED optical to amp and QED speaker cables. 

Just upgraded to Panasonic BDT500 blu ray which has improved AV sound perfomance markedly! and via optial to amp is a great CD transport beating my 7se.  Surprisingly audio interconnectors from Pioneer to amp are not as good although I know Panasonic make a big thing about the DAC's).

Recently bi-wired all speakers, bi-amped front from Yamaha A2 and sounds great. Found some silver coated OFC cables for a great price.

Now the question:

Should I go for a new Yamaha A-S500 (which I can buy for corca £220) which can be used in stereo and use the pre-out from my Yamaha DSP A2 for AV sound?

OR (as I probably think is better)

Buy a 2nd hand stereo 'power amp' or 'mono-blocks' which I can  then use from the Yamaha pre out in both sterio and AV? ANY SUGGESTIONS WELCOME FOR SAY £200 TO £300?


Buy a Yamaha RX-(A 1010 or V673 ) or Pioneer SC-LX (73 or 71) which will have HDMI compatabliity and use this as both my AV and stereo amp? I notice I may be able to get into a Yamaha Z7 too....will that outperform all others?

All advice is welcome!